It's time for the next Sketch in the City event - a writer-based live night at the Three Minute Theatre in Manchester, with the next show on 7th April 2016.

We are delighted to announce the shortlisted sketches and writers:

  • Time Travel Lawyers 4 U — Graeme Knowles
  • Contrived Conundrum — Jim Speirs
  • Boyfriend Part Exchange — Adam Martin
  • The Next Level — Colin Birch
  • The Truth is Up There — Deej Greenwood
  • Ethical Gear — Chris O'Connor
  • The Tricky Customer — Peter Barnes
  • Break-Up — Joe Cuthbert
  • Jeff and Malcolm — Ian Robinson

You made us laugh - now see which two sketches win the Audience Vote to go through to the Sketch-Off event later this year!

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